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The Replacement Project


tras mutiara hotel


Tras Mutiara Hotel is replacing their conventional lighting with reliable LED lighting which could provide an ideal alternative to the existing incandescents and halogen in-situ, providing a high quality as well as an energy reduction of 20% year on year, they selected Oxy One Sdn Bhd to supply a range of LED lamp solutions.

Following a successful trial, Oxy One was chose to facilitate the switch from inefficient incandescents and halogens to energy efficient LEDs that, crucially, would not compromise light output and the hotel's distinguished aesthetics.

According to customer, Tras Mutiara Hotel, when they select a lighting solution from a company, they need to know they can rely on its products. Oxy One offer a range of LED products which meet their standards with fair and reasonable price which enable them to turn the whole hotel to became eco-friendly, energy saving while keep the hotel aesthetical. 

Oxy One offers a wide range of LED retrofit lamps with the aesthetics qualities of conventional lamps that are both economical and environmentally friendly. Suitable for hotel facilities and a range of lighting fixtures-they offer a simple, like-for-like replacement for inefficient incandescent and halogen lighting. 

LED SPOT LIGHT for building wall and signboard

LED EYE BALL for reception counter

LED EYE BALL as corridor downlight