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Home and lifestyle fair, Perfect Livin back at KL! A great time for you to get your new or renovating house the latest LED lighting from OXY ONE! 

To celebrate National Day together, we decided to offer you more than hundred types of LED lighting with factory price during these 4 days.

YES! All of them will be sold at the LOWEST PRICE where you can’t get elsewhere.


 To cherish this special day, we also offer FREE lighting consultation for you, what you need to do is just bring your new house floor plan and come to us.

Shall I get my new house LED lighting or Conventional lighting??

You will choose LED lighting instead of Conventional lighting because
1. Long lamp life (approx. 5 times longer )
2. Ultraviolet (UV) – FREE
3. Mercury Hazardous – FREE
4. Durable and non-fragile
5. Cool (less heat generated) 
6. Fast Warm up time (Approx. 1 sec only instead of 60sec)
7. And many more……

Your small action contributes to a greener world and better future for our next generation.

Happy National Day to all Malaysian, MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!