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This year’s Earth Hour 2014 will begin on March 29, 830pm at local time. Many people see it as a symbolic act to get us thinking about our planet and our impact on it. But even more, it’s also part of a simple idea to start an environmental resolution in 2014. It’s not only about an hour spent in the dark, it is about creating a brighter future. While you are participating in the event, you do not have to sit and stay in the dark. There are a lot of things you manage to do without the electricity on this Saturday. Earth Hour could be meaningful and FUN at the same time! Here, we have composing 9 activities that you can do to ensure you have a good time during Earth Hour 2014. Here goes the list :



1. Invite your friends over to have a candlelit dinner!



2. Star gazing with your loves one under the moon.



3. Get the board games out! Earth Hour is about bringing togetherness to people, and these board games may let you and your family bond together.



4. Get out from your house for a night time city walk, as there are landmarks all around the world had switched off their lights previously, to support Earth Hour initiatives.



5. Earth Hour is a moment for appreciating the brilliant world we all share, and how we need to protect it. Use this time to pursue a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle by practicing candlelit Yoga or exercise.



6. Inviting friends to have an unplugged jamming session and enjoy some in-house music.



7. Read bedtime stories to your children by lighting up a candle to create a cozy ambient while you can bond with them.



8. Sit outside with your significant other or your family and talk. Make plans about carreer? college? vacations maybe? Just TALK! ;)



9. Try out light graffiti as the darkness around your environment provide you the best background. What you need to prepared is a DSLR and a torch light. See how far your creativity would brings you to!

10 . Since the lights are off, it would be seem like the perfect time to change any old bulbs for new LED bulbs ones?





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